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Mayor's Statement

An Introduction on Yuan-Chang

 To talk to the oirigin of this town's name, it is said that a person named Yuan-Chang Fu taught his clans people to farm the land, to set the path of water and to build their houses here. He was passionate and generous and loved to help people. Therefore, these citizens named the village by his name to honor him. The name of Yuan-Chang was known from that time and was used widely.

 During the rule of the Ching dynasty, Yuan-Chang was infested with robbers and bandits. At that time, people suffered terribly and the government couldn’t offer sufficient protection. Therefore, people from every village recruited young men to guard villagers. To show honor of those brave men who lived in Yuan-Chang and helped soldier to fight against robbers, the government changed the name of this village to Yuan-Chang, which means eternal prosperity. Actually, during the Japan occupation period, Yuan-Chang belonged to Beigang administration branch of Taichung County and later on it was administrated by Tainun County until KMT government took over Taiwan. After the implementation of a new autonomy system, the bureaucratic administration was abandoned. Yuan-Chang has become one of townships in Yunlin county.

Geographic location

 Yuan-Chang is located in the southwest of Yunlin county. The center of this Township is approximate 120.20 East Longitude and 23.36 North latitude. It can reach Northern townships such as Tuku and Baojhong townships, Southern townships such as Beigang, Eastern townships Such as Dapi township and Chaiyi county, and Western townships such as Sihhu Township.

Topography, size and crop

 This township locates in a plain landscape. It’s about 11.40 kilometers from the west to the east; 10.20 kilometers from the north to the south. The land for planting crop is about 5300 hectare. The main crops are rice, peanuts,  sweet potatoes, corns, garlic and beans. Among them, rice and peanuts take largest portion of whole agriculture industry, which contribute to the main income of farmers. Livestock includes pigs, chickens and ducks. Among them, pigs and gooses are the majority.

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