Mayor's Statement

With its convenient traffic in Yuan-Chang Township, drivers can transport to outside cities by taking the Taisi-Gukeng Express way to Taiwan Line 19 or Yunlin Line 160 from this township. Plus, the current roads inside Yuan-Chang Township have weaved an intensive traffic network.

The reconstruction of environment and hygiene engineering costs nearly NT$ 100 millions, in the hope of improving these 21villages and eliminating mosquitoes and insects is expected to enhance the living quality of this township.

Budget application for constructing parks is still undergoing. Planning projects such as walk path, planting, extensions of activity squires, and playground layout have demonstrated beautiful landscapes. A brand-new Yuan-Chang Township will be expected pretty soon.

The Sixth Naptha Cracker Plant in Mailiao has shown its prosperous development. Because its geographic location is close to Mailiao, contributing the advantage of traffic convenience, Yuan-Chang Township can serve as a satellite city in the near future. In recent years, Taiwan government has advocated a variety of agriculture management, under this kind of policy guidance, the agriculture in Yuan-Chang Township would be make more progress in the hope of attracting more investments from business and industry sectors, making this Township more prosperous.